Đèn Jinbei MSN 600 V

  • Đèn Jinbei MSN 600 V

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 Tên hàng : ĐÈN JINBEI MSN V 600W như mới

 Công xuất: 600w

 Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

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Accurate Color Tempreature 

Ultra short flash duration 1/10000s 

Extremely fast recycling 0.3s 

Durable metal construction

1/10000s Short Flash Duration for High-speed Dynamic Photo / Video Shooting. Capture Fantastic Moments with Extreme Clarity

** Built with high quality Heimann flash tube, supports constant and stable flash output

** Top grade electric circuit design and components

** Standard and accurate color temperature: 5500K +/-200K

** Output: 400W, 500W, 600W, 800W

** Large LCD interface with full function, 1 – 1/128 22-step accurate power adjustments

** Individually adjustable high quality 300W modeling lamp

** Built-in 2.4GHz wireless receiver allows this wonderful device to be remotely controlled from a distance

** UV protection glass cover is provided for safety and flash output with accurate color temperature

** High power built-in cooling fan


Model MSN-400 MSN-500 MSN-600 MSN-800
Item Code 1.01.021706 1.01.021707 1.01.021708 1.01.021709
Output 400W 500W 600W 800W
Guide Number GN 66 72 80 90
Recycling Time 0.3-1.2s 0.3-1.4s 0.3-1.6s 0.3-2.2s
Flash Power Adjustment LCD Display, 1-1/128 Power range
Charging Indication LCD / Buzz / Modeling Lamp ABEI
Flash Duration t=0.5 1/10000s
Color Temperature 5500K +/-200K
Voltage Stabilization 1%
Modeling Lamp G9.5, 300W, AC 220V, 67mm UV Glass Cover
Modeling Lamp Adjustment Independent Adjustment / Full / Off
Trigger Method SYNC / Infra Red / Built-in 2.4G Wireless / Test
Sync Voltage DC 7V
Operating Voltage AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 10A Fuse
Cooling Fan Yes
Weight (kg) 2.3 2.5 2.6 2.6


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